How Dynamic Search Ads Will Help Customers

Earlier today Google announced Dynamic Search Ads, a revolutionary system that will help us get more good clicks.  16% of search queries that are on Google are new every day. Dynamic Search Ads will help our customers to take advantage of all those clicks.

Dynamic Search Ads will allow users to target pages on your website and serve ads off the content on the page.  Google will put together the headline while you write the body of the ad.  When a keyword comes up that matches your content on the pages that you tell Google are appropriate to send traffic too.  You will still have to bid on the pages and keywords that you’re getting but you will get more traffic by doing this.

There are reports coming in from Alpha users that they are seeing as much as 5-10% increase in overall conversions on the site because of it.  This isn’t just clicks, it’s conversions.  People are reporting that they are getting a 10% increase in conversions on their site due to the new dynamic search ads.

We at MapleNorth are always trying to increase the conversion of our clients and have applied for several clients to to enter into the beta dynamic search ads program.  Though this program is open to everyone, it really isn’t needed for all clients.  We are testing this with a few clients and hope to apply it to all clients that need it in the future.  It hasn’t been announced when this will go live to everyone but we hope that it will be soon.


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