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I have been in the online marketing space for a long time now. I have done everything from Affiliate Marketing and PPC to Link Building and SEO. I have tried a test over the past month to see how fast I could get a website to rank in Google. I haven’t bought 1 link (except for BOTW which got slammed in the last PR Update) which helped a bit but I truly haven’t seen the results of that yet. I wanted to see how much content that you really need to put up to rank.

Posting on your site one blog post a day that is 500 words or more will help your Alexa and your website grow around 500 Alexa a day. If you bump that up to 3 posts a day, it will drop it 700+/day. If you post 6-10 times a day it will drop your Alexa 2000-5000/day. That being said. I started this experiment at around 350K Alexa and am now at around 68K Alexa in around 3 months time period. I have backed off the posts to 3 posts a day in hopes that I can get down below the 30K Alexa mark.

The number of posts isn’t the only thing that is helping my site rank better. I found that when I link two other blog posts and one page within my website or another persons website that my posts and pages will start to increase much more. We raised the site from a PR2 to a PR4 in one update and are hoping for a PR5 in the next update. So why does this matter? It matters because website page rank is calculated by Google, and I try and base decisions on these ranking factors. They aren’t the only ones out there but they are ones that the general world pays attention too and I pay attention too. I also pay attention to page authority from SEOmoz and inbound links and quality of inbound links.

All of these factors help and equate to a much better ranking for your website. The factor above that is most important is Content. You need to continually be putting up content. The more content that I put up on my website the more my website began to rank. It’s the same with all of our clients. We are always trying to get better rankings, we need your help to create more content. The more content we are both creating the better rankings we will have.


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John Rampton is an Entrepreneur, Online Marketing Guy, Affiliate Marketing Guru, PPC Expert, Social Media Enthusiast. Follow me on Twitter @JohnRampton

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