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Over the past couple weeks I’ve learned the valuable lesson on quality scores and how important it is to keep them up. This post will go into some very important PPC lessons that I’ve learned over the past week.

Over the past year I’ve been working with a client that has a very active account. We’ve busted our butt on getting conversions down and costs down. I’ve always paid attention to quality scores but always done my best to work on optimizing these accounts and could never get over a 5/10.

Last week I called up my Google rep to see what was going on with a particular Adgroup. The Adgroups that I’m talking about has a 5/10 on all 2-3 keywords in each of the groups. There are like 10 different Adgroups. I’ve optimized this PPC campaign to the BEST of my ability. Called up the Google rep and talked to them about it. She said she’d do what she could. The next day the keywords all had a 7/10. The next week the ads all dropped about 1/3 in cost and we dropped from 2.2 average placement to 1.4 average placement. What was the big difference in the account? The quality score.

Being a killer PPC agency, we have a dedicated account rep which is very nice. It’s very nice to know that Google does care enough about their customers to answer the phone. I guess when you spend that much that’s what you get right? lol

Next step is the landing pages. I wrote a post on improving quality scores and landing pages on Wordstream site this week as well. It illistrates everything I’ve been thinking but haven’t been able to prove. It’s proved now. Quality scores are very important and shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’re having problems with your quality scores, and you can’t figure it out give your rep a call. If you can’t get ahold of them, give me a ring and I’ll see what I can do for you.

Here’s to improving PPC quality scores all around the world!

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John Rampton is an Entrepreneur, Online Marketing Guy, Affiliate Marketing Guru, PPC Expert, Social Media Enthusiast. Follow me on Twitter @JohnRampton

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