PPC Experts Round Up

Over the past couple months I have been putting up tons of posts about different PPC accounts that I see that are struggling. I dive deep into the accounts (actually, this isn’t deep at all) it’s just going off on the accounts from what I can find.  Get’s me to a bigger question, what makes a PPC expert?  We have several different PPC experts on the Maple North team but what qualifies us?  In this post I will have a PPC Experts round up where I talk about some things to look for in a PPC expert.


When you looking for an expert in paid search, you’re going to want someone with experience.  Depending on how much money you’re spending will determine how many years he or she should have.  I personally say, beyond one year of experience… Each additional $50K that you spend you should have 1 additional year of service.  So if you’re spending $150K a month you should have someone with at least 4 years of experience.  1 year upfront then 3x years for $150K (50×3).  This isn’t a standard rule but something I like to follow.

It will also depend on what type of experience the person has.  If the person has 3 years managing mom and pops print shop, he may not have the experience necessary to manage your account.


I like to hire people that have been to industry conferences, not only because they learn a lot but they get to meet other people in the niche.  This helps build relationships with other PPC managers.  When you network and connect with them, you’ll typically read their articles, chat with them and grow more in the community to which you’re working.  This will help in pretty much any niche out there.

Reputable Company

You know those agencies that pop up like clockwork?  Make sure that when you find a person that is going to do your paid search that they have worked for a reputable company.  If they haven’t worked for a big company that’s fine, but you still want someone that’s worked on a legit companies account.

Above All

Above all, make sure the person is a good person.  This is a key to good online marketing and paid search people. They have to be good people, this goes with any position at any company.  If you have good people, you’re going to do honest work and be alright.  You can always train the right person for the job as long as they have some skills.  Good people sometimes are worth training.  But always make sure you have good people on your team!


About John Rampton

John Rampton is an Entrepreneur, Online Marketing Guy, Affiliate Marketing Guru, PPC Expert, Social Media Enthusiast. Follow me on Twitter @JohnRampton

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  1. Covetus January 11, 2013 at 5:47 am #

    Dude… Would you please tell us that how can we learn PPC. if you would have any blog where we can learn PPC in deep please make it share with us.

  2. John Rampton January 17, 2013 at 10:11 pm #

    We blog about that here and my personal blog http://ppc.org

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