Increasing Long Tail Conversions

I read a post earlier today about conversion tracking and making sure your conversions are being accounted for in your tracking.  Something else I’d like to touch on is how to start increasing long tail conversions with your PPC ad spend.

When you’re setting up your campaigns you always need to make sure you’re setting up event tracking.  If you have any questions on how to set this up you can check out this post by Adam Green on how to track mobile.  It explains how to set up tracking on mobile and you can figure out how to do it on regular.

If you want to increase interactions and conversions on long tail keywords you need to be pushing traffic to those pages.  If you’re not delivering ppc traffic down to the individual pages of your products you need to re-evaluate what you’re doing as a so called ppc expert.

Increasing Long Tail Conversions starts in the beginning with a ppc account.  You need to be optimizing your clicks for long tail pages if you want to have them work.  I have done this on my person site for years.  You need to be setting up longer tail keywords to bid on and directing traffic to those pages.  Even if you’re only getting a few clicks, you can still take advantage of the long term clicks by bidding on the lower searched words.

Conversions should start with tracking, make sure you’re tracking everything. Once you know that you’re tracking everything make sure that you’re actually driving clicks to those longer tail pages.

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