I Hate Spam

Over the past couple weeks I’ve had several of my sites both personal and business hacked and spammed a ton.  This brings me to a very valuable point:  I hate spam.  Like really hate spam.

My biggest problem with spam and hackers is 90% of the time they are just putting in crappy links that Google doesn’t value anyways.  Google is smarter than all the lame spammers out there.  If you’re really going to span do it legit.  There are tons of ways to build legitimate spam.  Build links to a LEGIT site.  At least act like it’s a legit site.

At least spam in your niche

This is something that’s recently become a big factor in the SERPS is legitimate links on sites that are in your same niche.  If I’m building links to a snowboard site on a quilting site, it’s not a very legit link and Google isn’t going to give me any credibility out of the link.  They are most likely going to devalue the link and your site at the same time.  It’s not relevant.

Spammers should at least only spam sites that are in their same niche.  Heck, if there is a legit site behind the spammy link I would question if I put it there or not.  Really, 99.999% of webmasters never go back to old posts and check links.  Put 1 or 2 links in the post… don’t spam the WHOLE friggin site with your links.  I’ll just remove all of them.  Vary your links up!

Stop Spamming in general

Alright, the last paragraph was a little lame into spamming in your niche.  I don’t believe that you should spam at all.  Google will just devalue your site. You will NEVER rank anymore.  Who is building these links?    Who is buying these links?  If you buy things on Fiverr you know that you’re buying junk… STOP

Automation  =  Spam

Anything that can be automated I count as spam when it comes to building rankings.  I recently talked to a guy that was building links automated through a very tricky linking scheme, I’ve told him that he’s going to get busted.  It’s going to kill his business.  He’s got 40 employees and risking all his rankings by spamming the world.  He’ll get away with it for a while and then be slapped.  He’s screwed when Google catches him.

Bottom line, stop spamming… we all hate it!

About John Rampton

John Rampton is an Entrepreneur, Online Marketing Guy, Affiliate Marketing Guru, PPC Expert, Social Media Enthusiast. Follow me on Twitter @JohnRampton

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